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Permanent Brain Damage Following a Motorcycle Car Wreck

Florida motorcycle accident victims are often left with traumatic brain injuries (TBI). These injuries are unfortunately not uncommon. In the past, it was thought that in order for TBI to age the brain, multiple instances had to occur. Football players, for example, are some of the most well-known frequent victims of TBI. But now, a new study has found that people involved in Florida motorcycle crashes can experience permanent aging after only one instance.

The study was done by comparing the brains of an uninjured person to that of someone that had experienced TBI following an accident. Here are some of the things that scientists discovered:

  • Neurofibrillary tangles were very rare in young people that had not experienced TBI. However, in people of the same age that had experienced TBI, these were far more common and seen in about a third of all cases.
  • A similar finding having to do with Ab-plaques was found where the uninjured group had far fewer instances than those that had experienced one TBI.
  • Widespread pathologies were present in people who survived for a year or more after an accident. This, they found, suggested that a single TBI can have the same aging effects on the brain as multiple TBI’s.

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