Questions And Answers About Youth Traffic Safety Month

This page will provide the answers to some of the questions we hear the most about teen and youth traffic safety. We encourage all parents to discuss these topics with your teen driver. If you have questions please call our office at 407-490-1271 and we will be happy to assist you.

How can I prevent my teen from using his or her cell phone while driving?

  • Talk to your teen. Communication can speak volumes—literally. Voice your concerns and stress to your teen the level of responsibility you expect and the risks they face as a young driver.
  • Attend an educational seminar or documentary presentation. Expose your teen to the dangers of driving while texting or using cell phones. It is especially important if you allow your teen to attend an event with other teens as well. Awareness as a community has a greater impact on teens.
  • Fight technology with technology. There are a number of apps that can be installed on your teen’s phone, which can detect vehicle movement, and will temporarily disable use while the car is in motion.
  • Implement a consequence system. Monitor your teen’s phone closely during the times you know they will be driving. For each use of their cell phone while driving, the consequence could perhaps be taking away driving privileges altogether for a set period of time.

How can I stay actively involved in maintain my teen’s driving safety?

  • Lead by example. Your teen will be watching you when you are driving. It is important to understand that they will likely do as you do, when behind the wheel. Be sure to follow proper safety procedures and don’t use your cell phone when driving.
  • Be instructional and encouraging. Driving is a great privilege that sometimes can be intimidating, especially for a teen. Remain calm and encouraging when they are driving. Ride with them frequently and let them know you are supportive.
  • Set clear rules and expectations. Create a set of guidelines, expressing that these rules are not to limit your teen but keep them safe. Cover key pointers like wearing a seatbelt and not speeding. Put it in writing and have your teen sign it. An official set of rules will create positive boundaries that teens need.

What are the leading causes of teen vehicle accidents?

  • Inexperience. A new teen driver is 10 times more likely to be in a vehicle crash than an adult. Encourage your teen to practice often with you and get them acclimated with driving in various conditions as well. Enroll your teen in additional driving courses if needed.
  • Speeding. Nearly a third of fatal teen crashes involve speeding. Whether its thrill seeking or impatience, discuss the serious dangers of speeding with your teen. Focus on prevention before it becomes a deadly habit.
  • Drinking. A fourth of teen vehicle accidents involve alcohol. Remain involved in talking with your teen about drinking and driving. Provide information and ample resources on how alcohol is dangerous to their health and when driving.
  • Distractions. Unfortunately most teens will use their cell phones while driving. Stress the dangers of distractions with your teen. Focus on other distractions besides cell phone use, such as eating, talking, applying makeup, and not keeping their eyes on the road.

What steps can I take to ensure that my teen is safe after Prom or Graduation?

  • Obtain a detailed itinerary for Prom night or Graduation events. Make sure it is complete with times, venues, after-prom activities, and contact numbers.
  • Remind your teen not to use drugs or alcohol. Advise them to never ride with anyone under the influence. Cover the health risks, personal risks and legal ramifications.
  • Make sure you can stay in contact with your teen throughout the course of the evening. Have them keep their phone with them at all times.
  • Consider a car service or limousine to transport your teen and/friends. This will provide for a safer and adult monitored environment.

More Questions About Youth Traffic Safety?

If you have additional questions or comments about any of the topics on this page please call the experienced Orlando Auto Accident Team at Michael T. Gibson, at 407-490-1271 today and we will be glad to take the time to speak with you about teen driving safety.

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