Railroads Implement New Safety Campaign after Deaths Increases in 2013

‘See Tracks? Think Train!’ Nationwide PSA Highlights Risky Behavior in Hopes of Saving Lives

In response to the increase in railroad-related deaths last year, the Federal Railroad Administration and the Federal Transit Administration are launching a new safety campaign to raise awareness of the dangers at railroad crossings. In 2012, railroads were proudly reporting that it was their safest year, yet and that derailments and crossing accidents were on the decline. However, new federal data reveals that 908 pedestrians were injured or killed walking on or near railroad tracks in 2013, up 7.7 percent from 2012. An additional 1,193 people were injured or killed at highway-rail grade crossings in 2013, up 1.5 percent from 2012.

This spike has prompted federal regulators to develop a public safety campaign aimed at reducing train-related accidents and deaths. Ads being released focus on how people and vehicles have no chance against the size and velocity of a train. The new public service announcement entitled, “See Tracks? Think Train,” shows a young man walking on the railroad tracks while wearing headphones and not realizing a train is coming. The campaign will include bilingual television, radio and billboard ads aimed at getting drivers and pedestrians to think twice before taking dangerous risks around railroad tracks. For more information on the new safety campaign, visit www.SeeTracksThinkTrain.org.

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