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Record Road Travel Expected for Memorial Day Weekend

Despite gas prices being an estimated 22 cents higher this year, a record number of drivers are expected to hit the roads this Memorial Day weekend. AAA estimates that 36.1 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more this weekend, a 1.5% increase from the previous year. Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend has been labeled as the “100 Deadliest Days on the Road,” with seven of the 10 most deadly driving days of the year occurring within this time frame.

There are 13% more traffic deaths over Memorial Day compared to a typical non-holiday weekend, making this weekend the second most dangerous holiday weekend, after the Fourth of July. For teen drivers, one of the biggest contributing factors in fatal car accidents involves the number of passengers in the vehicle. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, fatal crash rates for 16- to 19-year-olds increase five-fold when two or more teen passengers are in the vehicle, compared to driving alone.

The five-day Memorial Day travel period officially begins on Thursday, May 22 and extends to May 26. The most congested times for travel are expected to be Friday afternoon and the evening before Memorial Day. Traffic is expected to increase earlier in the day than usual and on Monday evening as travelers head back home.

Florida along with dozens of other states will be participating in the national “Click It or Ticket” campaign, which kicked off May 19 and extends through June 1, with the emphasis on reminding drivers to buckle up. Officers will also be on the lookout for other violations, including distracted or impaired driving. In popular travel destinations, such as Miami Beach, officers will be using DUI checkpoints and automated license plate readers to target lawbreakers.

The chances of getting ticketed this weekend are higher than usual and should serve as a reminder to follow the rules of the road and act safely while behind the wheel, not just this weekend but year around. Holiday trips are about relaxing and taking time out of our busy schedules to spend time with the ones we love. Take your time getting to your destination and be prepared for traffic delays this Memorial Day weekend.

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Stay Safe On The Roads This Memorial Day Weekend

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