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Reviewing Your Car Insurance Coverage Could Save Your Injury Claim

When life changes occur, are you sure your car insurance coverage is still enough? With Florida’s no-fault insurance laws you need to ensure that your car insurance policy limits cover you for all of your potential needs.

As an Orlando accident attorney, I can help file a car accident claim, but can’t help you fix any shortcomings in your current auto insurance policy. Some of the life events that may call for a review of car insurance coverage are as follows:

  • Household changes – A new baby, a marriage, roommates who use your car; when there are any increases in the normal passenger load in your vehicle you may want to consider upping the limits or reviewing your policy to make sure all passengers will be covered under your policy.
  • Vehicle changes – It may seem obvious to change your policy when you get a new car, but you should also review it when you make changes such as adding custom body kits, alarm systems, or other safety features as they may give you policy discounts or may require additional coverage.
  • Address changes – Believe it or not, a simple move to a new zip code could change your premium, for better or worse.
  • Financial changes – If you need to lower your premium, talk to your insurance agent or company to ensure you’re getting all your rightful discounts and see if you can cut back on some less important coverage options. If you can afford to increase your coverage, do so by adding some of the optional coverage such as gap insurance.

Since most Florida drivers renew their insurance policy on a six-month basis, you should evaluate your policy every time it comes up for renewal. There’s no risk in talking to your insurance company to make sure you have the coverage you need.


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