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Tips to Avoid a Florida Motorcycle Crash with a Passenger on Board

Riding a motorcycle can be an exciting adventure. To have the wind blowing through your hair while enjoying the beautiful Florida weather is a one-of-a-kind experience. This is part of the reason for the increase in motorcycle purchases in our state. Whether you bought your motorcycle to commute to and from work or to enjoy a leisurely Saturday ride with friends, there’s no doubt it can be loads of fun.

Many motorcyclists want to share their experience with others—their children, a spouse, or a close friend. Before you put anyone on the back of your bike, you’ll want to assure that both you and your passenger will be safe, so you can avoid being involved in a Kissimmee motorcycle accident. Here are some tips for riding safely with a passenger:

  • Prepare your bike. Getting your bike ready to carry a passenger is a necessity. Be sure that you have the proper seat to carry another person and that your bike has pegs for the passenger to rest his or her feet on. Also, be sure to have an extra helmet on hand for your passenger.
  • Inform your passenger. Don’t assume that your passenger is going to know what to do on the bike. Give him an overview of what to expect, and tell him how to hang on and where to put his feet.
  • Adjust your riding. When riding with a passenger on the back of the bike, you’ll need to make some adjustments in the way you ride. You’ll need to brake sooner, take more cautious turns, and allow more space and time when passing other vehicles. Also, be conscious of the way the bike handles with the extra weight on the back.

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