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Five Road Hazards That Can Quickly Lead to an Orlando Motorcycle Accident

Sitting on the back of a motorcycle is one of the most freeing feelings in the world. Unfortunately, many roadways are not free from hazards, which can cause accidents. These instances can be devastating and can lead to severe injuries damaging not only your body but also your beloved bike.

When you get on the back of your motorcycle, here are a few of the top things to watch for on the roadways so that you can do your part to help prevent an Orlando motorcycle wreck:

  1. Slick surfaces– Orlando is well known for its heavy rainfall, and riding in the rain can quickly lead to an Orlando motorcycle accident. When the weather is not in your favor, take extra caution when you are riding to avoid the slick surfaces beneath your bike. Allow extra space between you and other road traffic.
  2. Gravel filled roads– Gravel can make any riding surface difficult to manage and control. If you find yourself on a gravel-filled road while riding your bike, take caution ride slowly, and do not turn precipitously so that you can stay in better control.
  3. Uneven surfaces– Sometimes construction causes uneven driving surfaces. This can be tricky for a motorcyclist who wants to change lanes; avoid lane changes in construction zones.
  4. Train tracks– Railroads are many times uneven and can leave a motorcyclist jarred when crossed at a fast speed. Take it slow when you cross train tracks to help prevent a motorcycle accident in Orlando.
  5. Debris– Trash or debris in the roadway can be some of the most dangerous because it is rarely expected and can appear suddenly. If you are riding in an area with many trees that could have branches that fall in the roadway, take extra care.

Knowledge Equals Power in Orlando Motorcycle Accident Cases

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