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Four Simple Safety Tips for Drivers to Help Avoid an Orlando Car Crash

An Orlando car accident can happen in a split second. One moment you are driving down the road and the next, you are faced with the consequences of colliding with another vehicle. Safety is important to remember each and every time a driver gets behind the wheel. But on many occasions, drivers become distracted or in a rush and forget to follow the basic safety tips they learned in their driver education courses.

The following are five simple reminders to keep you safer on the road and help you avoid risking a Florida car crash.

  1. Always stop for a school bus—You never know if children are getting on or off the bus. Children are notorious for not looking before they cross the road to run to their parent’s car on the other side of the street, and speeding around the side of the bus can open up the risk of you hitting one of these small children. Instead, take your time around school buses.
  2. Only honk your horn in an emergency—Horns are an essential safety feature in every car but when used inappropriately, they have the potential to cause panic on the roadways. If you honk your horn in rage, another driver may become distracted and look around to try to find the reason for your honking, which can lead to a car crash in Orlando streets.
  3. Pull over for emergency vehicles—Emergency vehicles always have the right of way and trying to beat them or not pulling over to let them pass can lead to another car accident emergency. It does not take long for these vehicles to pass so taking the precautions and getting to the side of the road is important.
  4. Obey the speed limit—Speed limits are there for a reason and while it may seem like there is no danger in going a little bit faster, you could come up on a slowed group of cars ahead of you and be forced to slow down quickly. This quick slowdown could result in a Florida auto accident.

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Safety is not an accident. If you are ever involved in a car crash in Polk County, it is important to remain calm and follow the procedures I outlined in my free book. By following these steps you have the greatest chance at getting the best possible outcome after your car crash.

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