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Luisa Valentin
Settlement Coordinator
Michael T. Gibson, P.A.
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Luisa Valentin was born and raised in Manizales, Colombia. In 2001 she moved to Orlando and graduated from Boone High School. She was then awarded two scholarships to attend the University of Central Florida, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration and a Minor in legal studies.

Mrs. Valentin has worked for over 15 years as a paralegal in several of the largest firms in Orlando. She gained experience assisting attorneys in federal district courts and appeals in the area of bankruptcy and immigration. In addition, she gained experience in the personal injury field. Mrs. Valentin handles cases involving auto accidents, dog bites, and slip and falls.

Her passion has always been to be able to help those in need with kindness and compassion.

Luisa is also actively involved in her local church reaching and helping people of many different backgrounds. She has volunteered in many local organizations serving the community. Luisa is married and has three wonderful children.

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