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The Long-term Effects When Injured in a Car Accident in Orlando

In 2010 there were 195,104 people injured in an accident and a total of235,416 traffic crashes in Florida. This is according to the Department of Florida Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles, which recognized only a 0.13 percent decrease in traffic accidents from the year prior.

My work as an accident attorney in Orlando, Florida has shown me that even if the car accident effects and injuries are treated quickly and the victims are able to return to their lives and jobs, some may experience long-term car accident effects.

When Car Accident Effects Cause Long-Term or Permanent Damages

Those who are injured in an accident may experience various injuries that may result in long-term damages.

Some of the common injuries I see in car accident cases include:

  • herniated discs;
  • torn rotator cuffs;
  • blunt force trauma;
  • broken bones;
  • spinal cord injury;
  • loss of limb;
  • head trauma; and
  • burns.

Many of these injuries may result in long-term suffering or even permanent disability. A serious head injury can cause a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and cognitive impairment, while a spinal cord injury may result in paralysis, conditions that will result in life-long medical care and financial needs.

Victims injured in an accident can talk to their doctor about the prognosis of their injuries and the treatment and care that may be required in the future. Accident attorneys in Orlando, Florida will take the long-term effects into account when seeking damages for a claim.

Insurance Companies Rarely Think of Your Future

If you’re injured in an accident and your injuries prevent you from working, how are you going to provide for yourself and your family? This is why we have insurance and personal injury lawsuits. When another’s negligence causes you these serious personal and financial damages, we have a system to help you obtain compensation.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen too many car accident claims where the insurance company only looks at the short-term car accident effects like medical expenses already incurred or lost wages during initial recovery from the accident. In many cases, the initial settlement offer will not cover the current and future expenses you may face with a long-term or permanent injury.

It is my duty as an accident attorney in Orlando, Florida to help my clients ensure their needs are provided for in the short- and long-term. I can help evaluate evidence of the case, your medical needs and other factors to estimate future car accident effects and damages you might experience.

The insurance adjusters usually try to settle your claim as quickly as possible – which means they’re not going to take the time to calculate how much income you’re losing because the doctor estimates a three-month recovery for your fractured hip.

Let Autp Accident Attorneys in Orlando, Florida Fight for Long-Term Damages

Auto Accident attorneys in Orlando, Florida like me will take the time to determine long-term car accident effects you might experience. This may include taking into consideration your past income history, projected medical expenses and factor in compensation for emotional damages that victims injured in an accident have experienced.

If you’re afraid of what the future holds financially and don’t trust what the insurance company offers as a “fair settlement” let me take a look at your situation. Accident victims can call 407-422-4529 to set up an appointment with an accident attorney in Orlando, Florida. I offer free consultations to Central Florida residents who have been injured in an accident.

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