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Sudden Stops: How to Know Who is Liable in an Orlando Accident

When you are forced to stop suddenly, or the car in front of you quickly comes to a stop, the chances of an Orlando car accident occurring skyrocket. While drivers are taught to follow the vehicles in front of them at a safe distance, the need to stop can happen so quickly that by the time a driver reacts and comes to a complete stop, it may be too late. This can lead to a rear-end collision.

A common myth in a rear-end collision is that the driver who hit the car in front of them is automatically at fault. However, upon investigation, the opposite is sometimes true.

Here are a few of the ways liability is determined in sudden-stop car accidents in Orlando.

  • Was there an emergency that required a sudden stop?In cases where there has been an emergency that requires a driver to make a sudden stop, such as a road hazard or traffic incident, the driver that makes the sudden stop may not have time to signal or slow cautiously and is therefore not deemed negligent.
  • How congested were the roadways when the sudden stop occurred?In many cases, courts rule that if the roadways are congested, all drivers must anticipate a sudden stop, and should drive accordingly.
  • Was there a turn signal to notify of the upcoming turn?If a driver is simply making a sudden sharp turn without proper signaling, they may be deemed negligent by the court and ruled liable for the Orlando auto accident.

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