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Three Ways to Stay Protected from a Florida Motorcycle Wreck Before Riding

When you are ready to go for a ride, you may be anxious to just hop on your bike and take off. This, however, can be dangerous and leave you at risk of being a victim of a motorcycle accident in Florida. Smart riders know the importance of riding a bike that is well maintained and well equipped to perform, particularly during an emergency situation. To help you ensure that your bike is up to par to be on the open road, there are a few steps you should take before getting on your bike that may help protect you against a motorcycle crash in Florida.

  1. Do a visual inspection of your bike –Visual inspections are fast and easy to perform and can help you catch small maintenance issues before they become a major problem. Tightening bolts and looking for any loose parts is an important first step to take before getting on the back of your bike.
  2. Check the tires –Part of your visual inspection should always include checking the tires. Having a blowout on a motorcycle can lead to a number of severe problems leaving you in significant pain and without a bike to ride in the future. Look for any nails in the tire, balding along the tread, and make sure the tire pressure levels are where they should be.
  3. Check your safety gear –It’s not just the bike that will keep you safe—it is also your leathers and helmet. Check your safety gear to make sure everything is properly in place so that you can be sure you will not experience visual impairment while on the road, or a problem with your clothing getting caught in your bike.

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Motorcycle accidents in Florida are unfortunately not uncommon, but many can be prevented with proper maintenance. Contact us for help with your claim if you are a victim of one of these catastrophic accidents. Our team of Orlando motorcycle crash attorneys is ready to help you get the settlement you deserve.

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