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Tips for Surviving a Florida Rollover Auto Accident

Rollover accidents are unfortunately more common than one would think. We see quite a few people walk through our doors who, regardless of how well they worked to prevent the auto accident, were victim to the reckless driving of another person on the road and found themselves in a Florida rollover auto accident. One of the keys things that has helped many people avoid excessive injury in these accidents is preparation and knowing how to react.

Here are five tips to help you survive if you are suddenly involved in a rollover accident.

  1. Wear your seatbelt –While you have undoubtedly heard this tip before, seatbelts are especially important in rollover accidents. By having your seatbelt holding you firmly in place, you can avoid being ejected from the vehicle or being dealt a devastating blow to your head during the uncontrollable rolling.
  2. Know when to hold on –During slow rolls, the rule of thumb is generally to grasp tightly to the steering wheel. However, during higher speed rolls the force of the trauma as the car hits the ground can be passed through the steering wheel which can increase your risk for injury if you hold on too tightly. Instead, cross your arms in front of you.
  3. Pin yourself with your legs –Your legs have the strongest muscles in your body. Therefore, as you begin to roll it is a good idea to use these muscles to help hold yourself in place by pinning them to the ground to stabilize yourself.
  4. Be aware of the roof –As you roll, the roof may come down on your head. Be aware of where this is and try lying on the center console to avoid impact as the roof continues to be hit during the roll.
  5. Avoid trying to stop a tip with your hand –At the end of the roll your car may tip to one side slowly. Do not try to stop this tip with your hand. Your hands are delicate and although instinct may tell you to try to stop a fall, trying to brace with your hand can lead to more trauma in your arm.

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