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Vital Information to Keep On Hand in Case of an Orlando Accident

If you are in an Orlando car accident and unable to communicate with emergency responders, how will they know who to call, what allergies you have, who your doctor is, and more?

When emergency responders arrive on the scene ready to treat Orlando accident victims, they ask many questions. These questions impact the type of treatment you receive at the scene of the crash, as well as where you will be treated afterwards. In many car accidents where the impact is severe, you may be left unconscious or unable to respond. Even when you are able to respond, you may forget basic information that the emergency responders need because of your panicked state of mind.

To help, it is advised that you keep certain information in the glove box in your car so that emergency services can get what they need without you worrying about remembering each detail. Here are some of the things you should keep written in your car in case of an Orlando car accident.

  • Your emergency contact information– As soon as you can tell your family what happened, you will be able to put someone who is more mentally alert in charge of your care. Write down a few emergency contacts, including your children and where they go to school.
  • Allergies and medications– You may need to receive medication at the scene of the accident or soon after you arrive at the hospital. Make it easier for emergency responders to give you the medication you need by writing down what you currently take or if you have any allergies.
  • Doctor information– The emergency team will also want to contact your primary care doctor right away. Leave your doctor’s name and phone number and so that she can be quickly reached by the emergency responders.

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