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Florida Car Accident Review: Top Three Injuries and Treatments Received

You have been hurt in a car crash, but do you know what is coming next? For many Orlando car accident victims, the aftermath is the most troubling part of the entire experience. While the injuries came suddenly during the collision, the lasting impact of these injuries is what is so difficult to deal with. For many people, knowing how treatment will take place and what they can expect is comforting.

Here are the three most common injuries and how they are most frequently treated:

  • Whiplash– Whiplash can happen regardless of how fast a vehicle was going when the Florida car crash occurred, or how much damage there was to the bumper of the car. Therefore, this injury is frequently seen in all types of accidents. For treatment, most people undergo sessions with a chiropractor to help relieve the tension in the muscles and get the body back in good alignment so that it can heal properly.
  • Muscle Sprain– Muscle sprains and strains are also commonly seen. These are found when an accident causes a muscle to move unnaturally, straining or spraining it. In these cases, many insurance companies pay out for pain and suffering as well as lost wages because of the reduced mobility and ability to move freely. For treatment, a specialist is usually seen to help with range-of-motion therapy.
  • Chronic Pain– For severe injuries, there may be no immediate treatment. These are often times seen when back or muscle pain is present. While there may be some physical therapy, a patient must undergo this physical therapy for an extended period of time and deal with carrying the burden of the injury for a lifetime.

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