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Top Injuries That Result From a Side-impact Florida Car Accident

Side-impact collisions, which are commonly referred to as “T-bone” accidents because of the shape of the impact, are some of the deadliest crashes that occur. They can happen in a split second, and often the driver of the car that is hit never sees it coming.

At Auto Justice Attorney, we’ve taken on many cases involving side-impact accidents, and we’ve seen the tragic injuries these collisions can cause. The severity of injuries sustained in these Florida car crashes often depends on the speed of the vehicles at impact and the point of impact on the vehicle that is hit.

The following are some of most common types of injuries we have seen following a side-impact car crash in Orlando:

  • Leg.Leg injuries occur most often when the impact takes place near a door. Broken bones or lacerations from flying debris can cause significant injuries to the legs.
  • Hip.Crushed or displaced hips are also common when the impact occurs near a door. The jolt of the collision can directly affect the hip joint.
  • Arm.It’s not unusual for drivers or passengers to have an arm crushed in a side-impact accident. Debris can also cause lacerations and contusions.
  • Ribs.If the middle or upper part of a door is smashed in toward the driver or a passenger, he or she can end up with crushed or broken ribs. If the person’s arm is at his or her side at the time of impact, it might protect the rib cage to some extent.
  • Spine.As a body is jolted around inside the vehicle, the neck and spine are at risk for injury—most often in the form of herniated disks or whiplash. The location of the impact has little effect on these types of injuries.
  • Head.Flying debris can cause several types of head injuries. In addition, if the drivers and passengers are not wearing seatbelts or the belts are not functioning properly, there’s a vastly higher likelihood that they’ll hit their head on the dashboard or some other part of the car.

Knowledge Equals Power in Orlando Auto Accident Cases

If you’ve been involved in a side-impact collision in Florida, one of your very first steps should be to seek medical attention. After you’ve been examined and have received initial treatment, consider calling a lawyer who specializes in car accident cases. The personal injury lawyers at Auto Justice Attorney can help you attain a fair settlement. Call 407-422-4529 today for a free consultation.

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