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The Snowbirds Have Arrived: Tips From an Orlando Auto Accident Attorney for Better Driving Among Snowbirds in Florida.

The snowbirds have arrived from the chilly North, and are here to stay for the remainder of winter. These annual visitors provide a tremendous benefit to the local economy in Florida, but are a frustrating site for some Florida residents. For many motorists, getting behind a snowbird on the road can mean slower driving speeds, erratic driving behaviors, and distracted driving. Each of these can lead to an Orlando accident.

If you have found yourself behind a snowbird, here are a few tips to help keep everyone safe on the road around you:

Keep your road rage under control –It is not uncommon for Florida residents who are used to driving faster and know where they are going to become angry with others slowing them down. Still, road rage can be dangerous and often times leads to aggressive driving which can cause a car collision in Orlando. Keep your road rage under control by listening to some calm music and taking deep breaths to stay relaxed.

Practice safe driving –While the roadways are filled with new drivers, it’s important to remain alert and defensive. Use safe driving practices, such as always buckling your seatbelt, and avoid drinking alcohol before getting behind the wheel.

Avoid tailgating at all costs– Snowbirds are notorious for driving slower than other drivers on the road. This can lead to dangerous driving behavior. In particular, tailgating is a big problem among Florida residents and snowbirds. If you are behind a slow snowbird, keep a safe distance between vehicles. Then, when you have the opportunity, pass them safely on the left.

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