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Top Orlando Car Accidents That Are Caused by Driving Too Fast

Excessive speed plays a role in many Florida auto accidents, and reducing driving speed is one of the easiest ways to avoid being in an accident. Still, collisions occur daily in this state because a driver was going too fast. Accidents involving speeding tend to result in more severe injuries because of the greater force at impact. For the same reason, they also tend to cause more property damage.

By driving the speed limit, you can lower your risk of being involved in several types of accidents:

  • Wrecks involving pedestrians and bicyclists. Bike riders sometimes have to swerve suddenly to avoid debris in the road. Pedestrians often step into a crosswalk assuming that cars will stop. Speeding drivers frequently do not have enough time to react so they can avoid hitting someone on a bike or on foot.
  • Crashes caused by a road hazard.When there’s a hazard in the road, such as a piece of a blown-out tire or an animal, drivers are likely to swerve to avoid running over the object. Jerking the steering wheel at a high rate of speed can cause the vehicle to swerve into oncoming traffic, into another lane, or off the road. Driving at a lower speed provides better control over the vehicle.
  • Rear-end collisions.This is perhaps the most common accident caused by speeding. A car might be stopped in the road for any number of reasons—perhaps it has broken down, or maybe the driver is waiting for a person or an animal to cross in front of the vehicle. If a speeding driver approaches such a vehicle from behind, he or she may not be able to slow down in time to avoid crashing into the stopped vehicle.

Drivers who speed risk injuring themselves and others who are on the road. Safe drivers watch their speed and follow the posted speed limits.

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