Seven Common Tactics Insurance Adjusters Use After An Accident In Florida

Florida insurance adjusters are people too, but their mission is to save their company money, not look out for your best interests. Here are some common tactics they employ in an effort to limit the amount of money the insurance company has to pay out:

1.Deny liability. Their starting point is that their client is not at fault; the claimant is entirely at fault, or their account of the accident is severely flawed.

2.Request a recorded statement.The idea is to elicit harmful admissions that can be used against you later. Many injuries don’t become evident for days and even weeks. Changes in your medical condition after a recorded statement can make you look bad. Do not agree to a request for a recorded statement. Direct the adjuster to your attorney.

3.Request that you sign a medical authorization.This will give them access to any medical records from any provider you’ve ever seen, including counseling, psychological, and psychiatric records. Once a claim is made, your Florida attorney will release only necessary information. Do not sign a medical authorization until then.

4.Offer a quick settlement.The hope is to grab your attention before you see a doctor or realize the need for one. They’re also betting you haven’t contacted an attorney yet—and they’ll make it sound foolish to do so. They know that those represented by an attorney receive 3½ times as much as someone who is unrepresented.

5.Misrepresent insurance policy benefits available to you.Your own insurance company might fall into this category as well.

6.Try to wear you down.The adjuster delays, makes you jump through hoops, and preys on the fact that you’re out of work and have mounting medical bills.

7.Surveillance.Watchful eyes may be monitoring your every movement, looking for something to misrepresent. Follow doctor’s orders and don’t exaggerate your injuries or limitations.

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