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What Not To Do If You Are Forced To Pull Off the Road in Florida

Recently in our office a client was tragically injured and suffered multiple fractures in his legs when he was struck by another vehicle due to him having to pull over from his car running out of gas. The following is a list of things I recommend that you not do if you find yourself in a similar situation:

  • Don’t remain in the car if you are in an area of fast moving traffic. Get out safely from the car and move to a safer location.
  • Don’t leave the car during cold or inclement weather unless absolutely necessary.
  • Don’t start walking to a gas station if you don’t know where one is.
  • Don’t hitch-hike.
  • Make sure that your vehicle has an emergency kit that contains vehicle repair items and protection items such as a flashlight, blanket, drinking water, snacks,
  • jumper cables, and a charged cell phone.
  • As soon as practical, call an emergency help line, roadside assistance, or 911 for help and alert them of your location and any special circumstances you might have.

Knowledge Equals Power in Orlando Auto Accident Cases

Drivers on the side of the road face an increase risk of injury from a distracted driver and/or other roadside hazards. Please use extreme caution when pulling over to the same.

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