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What to Do When Your Doctor and Your Insurance Company Do Not Agree about Your Medical Treatment Following a Florida Car Accident

First off, it is going to happen, and happen a lot, so don’t feel alone.

Your insurance company is often going to disagree with your treating physician, no matter what medical specialty, as to the need for further care and treatment, and the “reasonableness” of the care you have received. The Florida PIP insurance law provides just way to easy of an avenue for them not to. Think of it this way, if you could save $0.75 of every dollar, you probably would too.

Unfortunately, because of how easy the Florida Legislature has made it for insurers to only pay $2,500 in PIP medical claims, without a lawsuit, many folks, who never would have had to bring a car accident lawsuit at all will now find themselves in a lawsuit. With the right legal counsel, and by understanding the law and taking steps early in your claim, you can give yourself an excellent shot to be successful in your PIP suit. Here are 3 Key and Important Tips for making sure you have a chance to get your full $10,000.00 in PIP benefits:

1) Get an experienced auto accident and PIP insurance attorney as soon after the accident as you can. Don’t hire the first joker on TV, but do get online, research and read reviews, and find a lawyer to protect you in this fight. Remember, you are likely dealing with two insurance companies – Your own for PIP, and the other persons for bodily injury and property damage liability claims.

Also, with less PIP benefits available due to the new law, a lot of folks, especially those without health insurance, will be need an attorney so that a doctor will treat them under a letter of protection, which is an agreement that the doctor’s bill is paid from any bodily injury settlement. Without an LOP, many folks could never get any care for their injuries.

Last Also, if you don’t know what a EUO is, you might want to read up fast! You really need a lawyer for this one.

2) Pick your treating doctor and places of treatment wisely. Do they have Medical doctors on staff, and do they understand how to diagnosis an Emergent Medical Condition?

3) Comply with your doctor’s prescribed treatment and your attorney’s instructions at all times. Do not deviate and make sure you understand. The slightest deviation, can now have very grave consequences for your claim.

Knowledge Equals Power in Orlando Auto Accident Cases

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