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What to Expect in an Orlando Accident Trial

When you leave your house to run an errand, drop your children off at school or go to work each day, you do not plan to have your life changed by an Orlando car accident. When a crash does occur, your day and life may be turned upside down leaving you faced with a lengthy battle to get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

While most claims may be solved fairly and quickly with the help of a skilled Orlando auto accident attorney, other times a trial is necessary. If your claim does go to trial, here are the five steps that take place to determine who was at fault and how much you will receive in compensation.

  1. Jury selection– If your trial does have a jury involved, this will be the first step. Jury selection takes place in the courtroom through a series of questions helping to find a non-biased group for your case.
  2. Opening statements– Each lawyer will make his opening statement before the trial begins. This is somewhat a roadmap to show what the jury can expect.
  3. Evidence– Throughout the trial, evidence is presented and expert witnesses are called in. Evidence used in the court can be pictures, your clothing, property damage, and documents.
  4. Closing arguments– These are used to recap what the jury heard. This is the attorneys’ final opportunity to make their cases.
  5. Jury deliberation– Once the jury has heard and seen the evidence, they go into deliberation. This is where the final decision is made on your claim.

Hire an Experienced Orlando Auto Accident Attorney

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