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What You Must Know About Rental Car Coverage and Your Orlando Accident

After an Orlando car accident, there are a million things running through your head. If you are involved in a car crash while driving a vehicle that you do not own, the questions become even more overwhelming and you may wonder how much you will have to pay on a car that is not yours.

Rental car coverage is confusing and many drivers involved in car accidents while in a rental car find themselves surprised at how much they are forced to pay for the damages to the vehicle. To help you stay protected, here are a few things you must think about when renting your next car:

  1. Loss of Use– Rental car companies charge you, the customer in possession of the vehicle at the time of the Orlando auto accident, for loss of use associated with the crash. This means that you must pay for the rental car while it is in the shop and unable to be rented to other customers. Your regular insurance typically will not cover this.
  2. Credit Cards May Help– Credit cards offer more robust rental car insurance than your regular car insurance in many cases. Check with your credit card company and see what their requirements are should anything happen, if you need a police report and how much the deductible will be on the claim.
  3. Be Cautious of Business Rentals– If you are involved in an Orlando accident while in a rental car on business and your name is on the contract, you may be forced to use your personal insurance to cover the damages to the rental instead of your business insurance. Always draft the rental contracts in the business name to keep your personal insurance protected.

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