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Passengers in Florida auto accidents have many potential claims and options. Here is what you need to know.

Passengers involved in car accidents have many options to consider. Many choose to file a claim with their own auto policy under medical payment insurance coverage to receive compensation for medical bills. However, these policies may not compensate the passenger for lost wages, psychological injuries and other expenses. In situations such as this, passengers can file a claim with the driver’s insurance company, or any other driver’s insurance company that was involved in the crash. There are exceptions where passengers are not covered under the driver or vehicle owner’s personal injury protection coverage. These exclusions vary by state and policy but can include reasons such as:

  • If the passenger uses the driver’s car without permission.
  • If the passenger’s behavior contributed to the accident or the injury.
  • If the passenger was committing a crime during the crash.
  • If the passenger routinely pays the driver to take them to run errands.

Florida adheres to no-fault insurance laws called PIP or personal injury protection, where minimum coverage is $10,000 PIP and $10,000 property damage liability (PDL) as long as you have a valid Florida license plate. The same is true for passengers involved in car accidents. Depending on the number of cars involved in the accident, the passenger might have many insurance policies available to file a claim with. This can be particularly helpful to passengers if one or more vehicles/drivers involved in the accident are uninsured.

However, personal injury protection may not serve as useful to passengers if their injuries or other damages exceed $10,000. In which case, the passenger might be able to file a suit against either the driver of the vehicle he or she was in or another driver involved in the accident for negligence. This passenger may be able to prove negligence if one or more drivers involved in the accident were taking part in distracted driving, violating traffic laws or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The passenger also has the option to file claims with multiple drivers’ insurance policies that were involved in the accident. This is typically done when a passenger is unable to receive full compensation by filing just one claim. Some auto insurance policies cover more than others therefore passengers will need to research their options. Passengers should collect all names, numbers and policy information from anyone involved in the accident. Passengers should also go to the doctor immediately, even if they do not appear to be injured, at first.

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Many car accidents occur due to driver’s negligence. If you are a passenger and have suffered injury in a Florida car crash as a result of a driver’s negligence, you are eligible for compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages as well as other damages. Contact an experienced Orlando personal injury lawyer at Auto Justice Attorney for help with your case.

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