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Why an Orlando Accident Is So Dangerous for a Pregnant Woman

When a woman is pregnant, the need for taking extra precautions in all aspects of life is crucial. While pregnancy brings about more awareness in caring for your body, eating right and drinking healthy beverages, one thing that many women do not take into as much consideration is the need to take care while driving.

According to a recent study, car accidents are one of the leading causes of death for both the pregnant woman and unborn child. One of the most common reasons for this is placenta uterine detachment. This is because it takes very little force to detach a placenta from a uterus. If it occurs, the baby loses oxygen. In an Orlando accident, the force of the impact can cause this to happen more easily.

With so much at risk, many women ask us what they can do to be protected. Here are a few tips:

  • Wear your seatbelt properly– Wearing your seatbelt across the shoulder and across your pelvic bone will give you the most protection in case of an Orlando car accident.
  • Push the seat back as far as possible from the steering wheel– Some seats allow the pedals to extend outwards so that you can push yourself back from the steering wheel and give yourself more room in case an accident occurs.
  • Whenever possible, be the passenger –If you do not have to put yourself at risk sitting behind the steering wheel, it is best to be the passenger.

Get Help With Your Injuries After An Orlando Auto Accident

It is crucial to take care as a pregnant woman while riding in the car. Use these tips to help keep you and your fetus safe and secure. If you are pregnant and involved in an accident, you may need the help of an experienced Orlando accident attorney. The knowledgeable team at Auto Justice Attorney knows how to work with insurance companies on these delicate cases, and can give you the guidance and support you need to get the best care for your family. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you (407-422-4529).

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