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Why is Florida still messing with PIP Auto Insurance?

Everyone has been in one of those relationships were unfortunately, despite everyone’s best efforts, it just wasn’t going to work out. Hasn’t the Florida Legislature and the State’s PIP laws done this dance enough to know, it just isn’t going to work out?

Remember, a drastic rewrite of the PIP law is scheduled to take full effect on January 1, 2013. The law will only give consumers 14 days to seek accident related care and treatment or risk receiving absolutely no benefits. Furthermore, to get your full $10,000.00 in benefits, your doctor must say you have an ‘Emergent Medical Condition.’ Otherwise, your benefits are capped at $2,500.00. Try getting through a hospitalization and required testing for $2,500.00.

Even more disheartening and discouraging is the fact that Republican Governor Rick Scott and the Republicans in the Florida Legislature promised us that if this PIP reform was passed, Florida Consumers would see their PIP rates fall. Unfortunately, they were wrong.

As of last week, the Office of Insurance Regulation, which approves rate increases, was approving PIP rate INCREASES. (As high as 26%!) That is correct, despite a law that dramatically reduces your medical options and benefits following a car accident, your insurance company is still getting to charge more money for your premiums.

Seem wrong? Feel lied to? You should.

And unfortunately for Florida Consumers, as I meet and discuss this issue with various Legislators, it seems there is very little to no real interest in repealing this horrible law.

So there you have it. The Republicans promised you savings, but in the end, only bailed out the insurance companies and made them even more profitable.

Remember this as election day nears.

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Florida can get this right, and my hope is that with citizens like you speaking up, we can pass meaningful and proven auto insurance reform. It is simple, kill PIP and move to Mandatory BI. Other states that have done the same have seen real rate savings, as much as 35%.

Sounds good to me, and it certainly sounds better then a 26% rate increase.

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