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Why You Should Seek Representation After a Florida Car Wreck

If you’ve never been involved in a Florida car accident, you are fortunate, to say the least. But, if your luck runs out and you find that you’ve become the victim of a car crash in Florida, you might be confused about whether you should seek the help of an attorney. This might be especially true if someone else has admitted responsibility for causing the accident or seems to be clearly at fault.

Know that if you decide you don’t need representation, you could risk losing your settlement. Here are just a few reasons you should seek help from an experienced Orlando auto accident attorney for your case:

  • Your “clear-cut” case might not be so cut and dried.People oftentimes choose not to seek representation because the other driver admitted fault at the scene of the accident. This does not mean, however, that the other driver’s insurance company will accept full responsibility. Be careful in assuming that the case is straightforward.
  • You have more leverage with representation.Insurance companies know that people without representation have less legal leverage as their case proceeds. It’s entirely possible that the other driver’s insurance company could make you a low-ball offer, with the hope that you will accept less than you deserve.
  • No tricks, and no last-minute changes to your settlement.Occasionally, insurance companies try to get both (or all) drivers involved to share responsibility for causing the accident, so they can settle the case for a lower amount. This, of course, can make the settlement process much more challenging.

Knowledge Equals Power in Orlando Auto Accident Cases

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you don’t have to take your chances and go it alone. Contact the Florida auto accident attorneys at Auto Justice Attorney. We’re here to help.

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