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Wonder Why You Auto Insurance Rates are SO High Orlando Insurance Disputes Attorney Shares a Story

Here is an example of why Auto Insurance in Florida is REALLY as High as it is.

There is a case in my office. My client probably would have settled this case for thousands less then what State Farm paid their expert, two years ago. One morning this week, as I was reviewing files at 7:30am, a videographer shows up for this client’s deposition. No big deal, except it was the third time State Farm was taking her depo. And what was it all about. A lost wages claim of $150.00. Three depos, paying a court reporter, a videographer, and a defense attorney thousands, all over a $150.00. And get this, there is absolutely no dispute that my client actually missed that time from work due the accident.

Unfortunately, stories like this are not random, isolated incidents. They happen all the time, and I see it everyday. As the PIP laws change, I believe the Bodily Injury Carriers are reacting by being tighter then ever with all that premium cash.

Knowledge Equals Power in Orlando Auto Accident Cases

Don’t worry though, help is on the horizon. The only good thing about the new PIP law that will take effect in January, is that it is so one-sided and unfair, that the Florida Supreme Court is very likely to have to rule the “permenant injury” requirement for pain and suffering damages in auto accident cases is unconstitutional. And when that happens, we’ll see if State Farm and its friends still want 3 depos over $150.00.

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