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Help Up Prevent Young Drivers From Driving While They Are Tired

A recent study has revealed that younger drivers are more likely to get behind the wheel while drowsy than drunk, despite it being just as dangerous. The worst offenders are those under the age of 30, the study found.

Researchers examined the perceptions of drowsy driving and drunk driving of 114 drivers under 30 and 177 drivers over 30. They found young drivers were more likely to drive drowsy than drunk and more accepting of enforcement practices for drunk driving than for drowsy driving.

“Research shows a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.05 percent has the same effect as being awake for 17 hours, and a BAC of 0.1 percent is roughly 20 hours, but drivers do not consider the impairment to be the same,” researcher Chris Watling said in a statement.

These two risky behaviors linked to a comparable increase in crash risk, yet the drivers surveyed perceived the dangers of each as vastly different. This survey points out the need to increase all drivers’ awareness of the dangers of drowsy driving. The impairment from drowsiness needs to be respected the same way as the impairment from intoxication while behind the wheel.

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