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Aging Population Causing More Fatal Accidents in Florida

Currently, there are 18 million seniors over the age of 75 driving on the roads. As the population continues to age and live longer, this number is expected to increase to 35 million by 2028. While this number increases, so does the expectancy of senior related car accidents in Orlando.

Each year, seniors flock to the South to avoid the cold weather and enjoy their retirement on the golf courses and beaches in Florida. With more seniors on the roadways each winter, Orlando residents can expect to see more collisions. While the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration says that seniors only account for 8% of all car accidents, seniors lead the statistics in the number of fatal car accidents they cause.

A person’s physical ability to safely operate a vehicle changes as they age. Here are a few of the ways seniors are more prone to causing accidents:

  • Inability to see well at night
  • Slower reaction times
  • Difficulty reading safety signs due to poor eyesight
  • Difficulty driving in heavier traffic

With the population aging, it is important to be aware of these safety concerns and talk to your family members about the risk they may pose by getting behind the wheel.

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