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What if a Trailer Malfunction Leaves Me Injured?

The major players in the trucking industry have policies and procedures to help prevent mechanical failures in their fleet. Industry experts seem to agree that the majority of the causes of truck accidents are human errors such as excessive speed, distractions, and impairment. However, sometimes a malfunction is to blame. An error is a mistake […]

How Do Most Motorcyclists Die—and What Can Their Families Do Next? 

Many motorcycle riders are passionate about their bikes, but motorcycles also come with extreme hazards, mostly at the hands of other drivers. While other vehicles on the road have the protection and safety of enclosed steel cages, motorcycles, by their very nature, fully expose riders. Most motorcycle riders have no more protection than their helmet […]

Spinal Column versus Spinal Cord Injuries

When discussing the human back, people sometimes use the terms “spinal column” and “spinal cord” interchangeably. However, as experienced personal injury lawyers know, although those terms are related, they refer to distinct physiological structures, and injuries to them differ widely. The purpose of this blog post is to explain the difference between the spinal column […]

How Can I Prove My Pain and Suffering?

After you’re in an accident, you have a lot to deal with, and the last thing you probably want to worry about is learning how to prove your case in court. Instead, you’re probably worried about property damage, potentially urgent medical care, follow-up doctor’s visits, and more. Maybe you can no longer work and must […]

Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Not all vehicle accidents only involve cars. Pedestrians also run the risk of injury. Whether on the roadside or using a sidewalk or crosswalk, an accident could happen at any time, and different factors contribute to the likelihood of injuries. Among vehicle accidents, the ones with pedestrians make up a sizable portion of injury reports. […]

Do Motorcycles Stop Faster Than Cars?

Which vehicle stops faster: motorcycles or cars? Given the size of each vehicle, the answer is somewhat obvious. The smaller a vehicle is, the less distance it needs to stop after the operator has perceived danger and applied the brakes. However, given the reduced maneuverability of a motorcycle when compared to four-wheeled vehicle types, the […]

Why We Have Too Many Fatal Accidents in Florida—and What to Do About Them

Thousands of people get hurt at no or partial fault of their own. Personal injuries happen every day, and they can leave people in financial trouble with bills and lost income. However, some accidents cause severe injuries. The damage can result in one or more fatalities. In Florida, fatal accidents can cover a wide variety […]

Do Motorcycles Have the Right of Way?

In certain circumstances, people assume that larger vehicles must yield the right of way to smaller vehicles, such as motorcycles. In Florida, however, that’s not the case. Many states do have laws like that, but in the Sunshine State, motorcycles are treated just like any other vehicle on the road. Motorcycles do not automatically have […]

Failure to Signal Turns: What It Means for You

Have you ever forgotten to signal a turn? Or had to slam on your brakes when someone turning in front of you forgot to use their signal? Unfortunately, it’s pretty common for people to forget to signal their turns. It’s not always deliberate—often, people are just busy and forget. They may not realize they need […]

How Can Failure to Inspect Vehicles Increase Truck Accident Risks?

Big trucks fill the streets of America: now, perhaps, more than ever. People rely on those trucks to bring them the goods they need: groceries, clothing, furniture, and more. The uptick in online ordering also means that more trucks need to carry goods between stores, or directly to customers’ homes. That means a lot of […]

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