Drive with Caution this Super Bowl Sunday

As fans prepare to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday, many will be attending Super Bowl parties. Unlike other Sundays when football games are televised, researchers have found that both non-fatal and fatal car accidents increase 41 percent on Super Bowl Sunday. This risk is highest an hour after the game, when most people are driving home. The accident rate jumped 70 percent, the first hour immediately following the Super Bowl.

Not surprisingly, alcohol was involved in the majority of the fatal automobile accidents. Inattention and fatigue were two other factors that contributed to automobile accidents following the game. Researchers examined 27 consecutive Super Bowl games from 1975 to 2001, and looked at motor vehicle crash data for those same years.

Findings revealed that there was a 41 percent increase in the average number of fatalities after the game. The increase in fatalities after the telecast was apparent for 21 of the 27 years. The average number of people killed in crashes after the Super Bowl was 24 and the number of crashes topped 4,000, up from nearly 3,000 on other Sundays. More fatalities occurred in states that had a losing team, versus those who had a winning team or did not have a team in the Super Bowl.

If you plan on going out to watch the game, designate a driver beforehand. If you plan on driving, abstain from alcohol and remember to drive defensively and distraction-free.

Use Extra Caution On The Roads This Super Bowl Sunday

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