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Common Injuries Sustained in Orlando Car Accidents

Orlando car accidents come in all varieties. From rear-end collisions to sideswiping, a car crash can happen at any angle. The injuries that come after the impact tend to vary as well, depending on the force, speed, and location of the crash. Still, some injuries continue to occur to accident victims, despite proper seatbelt protection and safe driving.

As an Orange County Florida personal injury law firm, we see accident victims with a number of serious injuries. The following are the three most common in the people who seek help from our Orlando auto accident lawyers.

  1. Herniated Disc– This painful injury is all too common in Orlando auto accidents. A herniated disc occurs in one of the discs in your spinal cord. The protective fluid that surrounds the disc and your nerves becomes compromised leaving you in enormous pain. Because the spinal cord is your central nervous system, the pain and discomfort associated with a herniated disc is usually not limited to just the back but can also affect your arms and legs.
  2. Neck or Back Pain –The strain put on your back and neck as your body is jolted out of place can lead to serious and long-term injuries. Your neck and back are delicate so any amount of force can cause protrusions, strains and sprains, or disc bulges.
  3. Bone Fractures –The impact that comes with being involved in an Orlando accident is enough to leave even the strongest bones in pieces. Common bone fractures include pelvic fractures, legs, knees, ankles, collarbone, and arms.

Get Help With Your Injuries After An Orlando Auto Accident

Treatment for these injuries is often long lasting and may be life changing. If you have been seriously injured in an Orlando accident, you may need the guidance of an experienced car accident attorney in Orlando. The skilled team at Auto Justice Attorney has helped many people with similar injuries get the most fair and just compensation for their injuries. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you: 407-422-4529.

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