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Public Pool Q&A’s

Since pools are considered to be part of property, whether public or private, the laws of premises liability govern if you are hurt while at a pool.

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Number of Bicycle Deaths on the Rise

Accidents involving bicycles are an all-too-common occurrence in Central Florida, and many of these accidents involve interactions between a motorist and bicyclist.

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New Law Could Mean Less Experienced Truck Drivers on the Road

A new law called the DRIVE-SAFE Act has been proposed in response to a nationwide shortage of commercial truck drivers.

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Popular Ford and Jeep SUVs Given ‘Poor’ Rating in Recent Crash Test

Two popular midsize SUV brands in the U.S. have been issued a “poor” rating after a recent round of crash tests.

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Florida the Most Dangerous State for Cyclists

The number of bicyclists on the road has gone up in recent years, and as a result, so have the number of accidents involving cyclists.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Texting While Driving

If you have been injured in an auto accident by a driver who was texting and driving, you will need to file a negligence claim to recover damages.

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Dry Drowning – What it is and How to Prevent it from Happening to your Child

As warmer temperatures bring more kids out to local pools and beaches, new safety concerns come to light. In recent years, a new epidemic known as “dry drowning” has become more prevalent.

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Driverless Cars Will Not Solve the Bigger Problem with America’s Roads

Autonomous vehicles are the newest technological advancement in transportation, but this new advancement comes with its own set of risks and controversy.

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Car Recall Q & A

Car recalls do not technically have an expiration date. However, according to the written notification sent to owners of the vehicles, they are enforceable for a “reasonable period of time.

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Auto Safety Technology Q&A’s

Automakers are always looking for ways to improve safety for drivers and passengers on the road.

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The Auto Justice Law Firm of Michael T. Gibson, P.A. Hosts Breakfast in Honor of the Governor of Puerto Rico

Updates were provided on the ongoing recovery efforts and policy issues directly affecting the island of Puerto Rico

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Baldwin Park Living Features Law Firm of Michael T. Gibson

“Raymond Rivera, of the Baldwin Park law firm of Michael T. Gibson, went back home to Puerto Rico to help victims of hurricane Irma.”

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