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José Barreto

Marketing Representative and Director of Community Relations and Outreach

José Barreto Padilla was born on September 22, 1975, in the town of Mayagüez Puerto Rico. His parents Jose N. Barreto and Santa Padilla decided to move to Cabo Rojo with his two youngest siblings, Josean and Glorymel Barreto. During his childhood years, José participated in several sports, standing out mostly in Judo, where for several years he was a part of the youth national team.

In his adolescence, José developed as a leader in the youth group of his local church. He began his studies in Political Science at the Catholic University, Mayagüez campus. While studying at the University, he decided to obey God’s calling and took a year off for missionary work. José traveled to the state of New Hampshire and started his missionary work at the Grace Children Home orphanage. There he worked as a teacher with children of all ages. José participated in a Biblical Internship at the Bible College and completed the internship with excellence.

In 2004 he met his beloved wife Desiree Caraballo and got married in 2006. His passion for the ministry took him to work for more than 10 years at Caro Rojo Christian Academy. This Academy is part of Centro Cristiano de Restauración in Cabo Rojo, where he became a youth leader and served in the praise and worship ministry. José’s dedication to praise and worship takes him to participate in two recordings. The first with the band “Filius Patry”, and the second with the musical ministry, “Otra Cosa” band. For many years he had the blessing of being able to preach, teach and talk in different churches around Puerto Rico.

For the past four years, José has worked in several law firms in Central Florida. His work ethic has allowed him to have good relationships with many lawyers, doctors, and pastors among others. In 2018 he joined the law firm of Michael T. Gibson, P.A. as a paralegal intake. In January of 2019, José was promoted to Assistant to Marketing Director, Juan J. Rodriguez.

José’s passion for the Gospel, service to others and loyalty to their principles will be of great help to the law firm of Michael T. Gibson, P.A.