More Trucks on Roadways Increase Potential for Orlando Accidents

Have you ever had the unsettling feeling of driving down the road sandwiched between two large semi-trucks? Driving in any passenger vehicle next to a truck of this size is a humbling experience. It quickly becomes apparent that should an Orlando car crash occur, you would likely be on the losing end.

Unfortunately, many accidents do occur, and when they do the results are usually catastrophic. MSN Money reports that the number of trucks on the highways is rising, as is the weight of the load these trucks carry. To help you stay safer, here are a few tips to follow when you are driving along one of Orange County’s interstates.

  • Keep a safe distance –Following these trucks too closely or lingering in blind spots for too long can be a recipe for disaster. Instead, give the trucks the time and distance needed and only pass when it is safe to do so.
  • Steer clear of turning trucks –When trucks of this size need to make turns, the turning radius is wider than needed with a car. Give the trucks ample space to allow turning without hitting your car and causing an accident.
  • Give ample notice of your intentions –If you want to make a turn or change lanes, put your turn signal on in good time. This will ensure that the truck driver sees your intentions and can act accordingly, limiting the chances of an accident.

Knowledge Equals Power in Orlando Truck Accident Cases

Truck drivers are well trained in their craft, but accidents still happen. If you have been involved in an Orlando car accident with a semi-truck, you may need the guidance of a skilled attorney. Contact an Orlando personal injury lawyer to learn more about how we may be able to help with your claim. Call us today at 888-465-1577. When you call, be sure to ask about obtaining a free copy of our guide: Three Mistakes That Wreck Your Auto Accident Case.

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