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Determining if Your Insurance Has Your Best Interest in Mind

Although filing a claim is a smooth process for some, bad faith insurance tactics can turn filing auto insurance claims into a long, arduous insurance dispute. Claimants who suspect an insurance company is acting in bad faith can find assistance from their Insurance Dispute lawyer in Orlando.

Warning Signs of Bad Faith Insurance

These five warning signs should tip you off that the insurance company is trying to keep you from your due compensation:

  1. Settlement offer is made very quickly: An offer that’s made immediately after an accident or shortly after the accident usually doesn’t account for future expenses. Insurance companies may send these quick offers hoping you’ll accept any compensation to take care of your current bills, neglecting to consider future bills and losses.
  2. Failing to provide justification for reduced claim value: Insurance companies who do not provide reason for offering a much lower settlement may be doing so hoping that you will accept whatever they offer.
  3. Changing your policy terms: If you suspect that the insurance company is misrepresenting your policy or has changed the terms without notifying you, refer to previous documentation to determine if a change has taken place without your knowledge.
  4. Not acknowledging your evidence of damages: Failing to acknowledge evidence of hospital bills, medical receipts or damage estimates demonstrating the damages you’ve incurred could be a sign that the insurance company is trying to reduce claim value.
  5. The company is pressuring you: Insurance agencies are not above intimidation tactics to get you to settle quickly, and for much less than you deserve. If you feel you are being harassed or pressured, seek legal counsel for insurance claim help.

Why You Shouldn’t Face the Insurance Companies Alone

If we truly considered how dangerous driving can be, the roads would surely be empty. Hundreds of thousands of people driving heavy machines in a relatively uncontrolled environment, cruising at high speeds, and with unlimited distractions seem like a recipe for disaster.

No matter how many accidents people see, they continue to text, call, eat, and doze off while driving, with seemingly no regard for the other people sharing the same roadways. Every time you get behind the wheel, you are taking a huge gamble that the people driving around you will abide by rules and pay sharp attention.

As far as gambling goes, driving seems like a terrible bet. There is one industry that benefits from these frightening odds, however. Insurance companies know that driving can be dangerous, and to counter the fear of accidents, people invest in insurance for their vehicles and themselves. While accidents do happen, most people will never experience more than a fender bender or two in their adult life. This means that for all of the people who were a low-risk bet for the insurance companies and yet still making payments, the insurance companies make money.

Insurance Companies are Businesses, Too, and Must Make Money

Though it seems a bit unfair for the safe drivers, if or when you do require insurance, you’ll be glad you have it. The problem lies, however, is that insurance companies are businesses. While insurance companies exist to protect policyholders, at the end of the day, making profits still motivates them. This means that, although an insurance company is obligated to cover the damages caused by the liable party, the company wants the amount paid out to be minimal.

These companies are no strangers to injured people filing claims. To prepare for this, insurance companies have teams of lawyers at the ready, fighting injured parties in court to minimize compensation

Knowledge Equals Power in Orlando Insurance Dispute Cases

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, don’t gamble by trying to face the insurance companies alone. The Orlando auto accident attorneys at Michael T. Gibson, P.A., are experienced trial lawyers, and not afraid to go head-to-head with the big auto insurance companies to get you the justice that you deserve.

If someone’s negligence is responsible for your injury-causing accident in central Florida, call Orlando personal injury attorney Michael T. Gibson and his team of attorneys at 1-855-WHAT-NEXT (9428-639).

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