Putting the Brakes on Florida Truck Crashes

Brake and tire failure play critical roles in Florida truck crashes. Both result in loss of control of the truck—and a 40-ton vehicle carves out a path of destruction.

Brake manufacturers must meet strict federal safety regulations. If the standards are not met, a claim can be made against them.

If particular types of brakes, brake parts, or tires have been recalled but were still in use by the owner, a case can be made against the manufacturer (for making the defective product) and the owner who continued using them.

Drivers and trucking companies sometimes unhook or depower the truck’s brakes. Instead, they rely on the trailer brakes and downshifting to slow the truck, hoping to minimize the truck’s brake wear, tire wear, and replacement costs.

If a truck has not been loaded properly and the weight is not evenly distributed, the brakes may overheat and malfunction, putting lives in jeopardy.

Florida truck companies and drivers are required to inspect a truck’s brakes and tires daily. Shirking this duty endangers everyone who shares the road with them.

Tires that are defective, improperly maintained, and whose inspections are glossed over may lead to blowouts, which in turn result in loss of control

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