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Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries in Florida Auto Accidents

Anytime you get into a vehicle, you run the risk of being injured in an accident. Still, people drive because it’s a convenient—and sometimes necessary—way of getting from point A to point B. Here at Auto Justice Attorney, we know that car collisions in Florida are an unfortunate fact of life, whether they’re the result of human error, hazardous road conditions, faulty equipment, or some other factor.

When two vehicles collide, the results can be devastating. A common physical injury that occurs frequently in serious car accidents is spinal cord damage, which can happen for numerous reasons. Here are a few:

  • Roof collapse in a rollover.As a vehicle rolls over, the strength of the roof is put to test. In most vehicles, the roof is not designed to support a significant amount of weight. The roof most likely will “give” a little more each time a vehicle rolls over, which can exert additional pressure on the head, neck, and spine of passengers.
  • Seatbelt failure.A seatbelt that is not attached properly, or one that rips or is otherwise damaged during the melee of an accident, will not restrain a passenger as intended. With nothing to keep the passenger from being thrown from the seat and perhaps even out of the vehicle, he or she is a high risk for sustaining a severe spinal cord injury.
  • Seatback collapse.Another type of equipment malfunction that can send a passenger flying forward in a collision is a seatback collapse. A faulty seatback can even eject a passenger from the vehicle.

Common spinal cord injuries, such as whiplash, range in severity depending on the velocity of the impact and the extent to which the body was snapped forward and back. Even in low speed collisions, it is important to see a doctor immediately afterward to rule out any damage to the spinal cord. In many cases it can take days for symptoms to develop, but a medical expert may be able to detect damage before the onset of symptoms—and the sooner you begin treatment, the better. You also want to be sure that any damage is found before you enter into a settlement agreement with the insurance company.

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