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Who Is Responsible for Damages From an Orlando Car Accident?

Who is legally responsible for the damages following an Orlando car accident? The person legally liable for vehicle damage and bodily injuries is the at-fault driver.

In Florida, property damage liability insurance is required, but not bodily injury coverage. When you are hurt in an accident caused by the other driver, one of the only ways to find out if they have bodily injury insurance is to contact an car accident attorney. An auto accident lawyer will be able to properly investigate if that person has insurance and the amount of coverage.

An attorney can also find out if the other driver has anything else that can satisfy a judgment in your favor. However, judgments are very difficult to recover.

The Orlando car accident attorneys at Michael T. Gibson, P.A., Auto Justice Attorney, only get paid if we win your case. Therefore, you have nothing to lose by retaining our law firm to help you. For more information or to schedule your free consultation, contact us today.

you are on our website, make sure that you order a free copy of our report, Your Complete Guide to Florida Auto Accident Claims. It will answer many of your questions regarding Orlando car accident claims.

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