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Dealing with Medical Expenses that Greatly Exceed Available Insurance Coverage

In our office, often times we see where the worse accidents and injuries come with the challenges of limited insurance and huge medical debt and outstanding bills. Oftentimes, clients are wondering what they can do to avoid bankruptcy and financial peril in this situation. The following is the recipe and/or guide that we have used to help victims in these situations before.

First, all available insurance coverages must be identified and reviewed thoroughly to find the maximum sum of outstanding liability and first party insurance coverage available. Often times we would review the following to determine the same:

  • Whether or not the person who caused the accident was on the job and/or using someone else’s vehicle wherein additional coverage may apply.
  • Was the person who caused your accident drinking and/or using any type of illegal substances prior to the driving at issue? If they were, who supplied the same?
  • Review of all underinsured motorist coverage policies for you and your household. Oftentimes, underinsured motorist coverage provides the greatest source or only source of recovery in these horrific and tragic accidents. This is why you should purchase UM coverage.
  • Review of all personal health insurance benefits available and/or eligibility for state assisted health insurance, such as Medicaid policies.

In these serious cases, the medical bills usually range in the hundreds and hundreds of thousand of dollars. Oftentimes through use of one’s health insurance policy and/or qualification for state assisted benefits, such as Medicaid, we have been successful in obtaining client recoveries where the medical bills have been two to three times greater than the amount of insurance at issue.

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If you are facing huge medical debt as a result of a horrific accident, it is important that you understand these steps and follow the same in your pathway to wellness and recovery. Doing the same can not only avoid extreme financial peril or bankruptcy due to the horrific accident, but can actually recover monies for you, even after all of your medical bills are paid.

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