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Whiplash Injury: Basics You Must Know After an Orlando Car Accident

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries we see after an auto accident in Orlando. This is because whiplash can happen to anyone involved in an accident regardless of how fast either party was driving when the collision occurred. Whiplash is painful and can significantly disrupt your life leaving you in pain for a long time.

As you begin to try to recoup compensation for your injuries, you may find that whiplash, although common after an Orlando car crash, is difficult to receive payment for in your settlement. Here are some of the basics you must know to improve your chances of being compensated from this injury:

  • Seek immediate medical care –Before you do anything, seek immediate medical care. Although you likely will not feel the symptoms of whiplash right away, it is important to show the insurance companies that you did all you could to get the medical attention you needed following the Orlando car accident.
  • Document your injuries –As time goes on, it is a good idea to document any new ailment you feel. This will help show the insurance company that your injuries were indeed caused by the crash and that you deserve compensation to help cover your medical bills.
  • Work with an injury lawyer in Orlando –An Orlando personal injury lawyer knows the tricks the insurance companies play to try to lower your settlement offer. When you work with us, we can advocate for you so that you can be confident you are getting as much as possible for your pain and injuries.

Get Help With Your Injuries After An Orlando Auto Accident

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