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Civil Court Case: Why It’s Sometimes Mandatory for Justice

When pursuing legal action for monetary damages, a civil court case may be avoided if a settlement can be reached during personal injury lawsuit settlement negotiations or with the liable party’s insurance company prior to filing a lawsuit. An Orlando personal injury attorney like myself can help negotiate a fair settlement, but in some cases going to court becomes necessary to recover fair compensation for damages.

A question clients often ask is, does the personal injury lawsuit settlement offer cover all damages from the accident?

My answer to that is, when an individual causes injury to another, that liable party or his/her insurance company may attempt to settle the insurance claim or lawsuit without turning it into a civil court case. Sometimes this works out well for both parties: everyone gets the incident over with quickly and they move on without getting courts involved.

However, there is always the risk of lowball offers from the insurance company or the party him or herself. These amounts may seem fair at the time, but some early settlement offers may fail to take into account future costs of an injury. This is especially true in the event of car accidents, in which neck and back injuries can appear or worsen weeks or even months later. Before accepting any offer, talk it over with an Orlando personal injury attorney.

Next, Let’s Talk Advantages of a Civil Court Case

Turning the personal injury lawsuit into a civil court case may have many advantages. Sometimes a case simply cannot settle out of court because the offer is too low and the other side is unwilling to budge. There are many instances in which a judge and jury will hear the case and offer you much more money than you could have received in an out-of-court settlement. As an Orlando personal injury attorney, I can help you obtain the necessary evidence to present in court to fight for fair compensation if negotiations do not produce an adequate offer.

However, There are Disadvantages of a Civil Court Case

There is no guarantee that anything positive will come from going to court, and in some cases the judge could think your case is worth even less than what you were offered during negotiations.

Even if you are offered a slightly higher amount, by the time you pay legal expenses associated with taking the matter to court, you may have been better off taking the original offer. Thus, it’s important to weigh the benefits and risks of taking a personal injury lawsuit to court with your Orlando personal injury attorney.

Need help making a decision? Contact an Orlando Personal Injury Attorney

Although many types of cases can be settled out of court, court may be the only way to recover adequate compensation in some cases. A judge and jury can review the details of the personal injury lawsuit and determine a fair settlement. I’m an Orlando personal injury attorney who can take you through the legal process and explore legal options of an insurance claim, settlement negotiations, and civil court cases.Contact me today: (407) 422-4529.

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