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7 Road Conditions You Should Be Aware of That Can Cause a Florida Car Accident

As you drive along the streets of Florida, both in town and on the back roads, you are likely to encounter a number of hazards along the way. These hazards often cause auto accidents in Florida, but being aware of them can help you prevent a wreck.

Be on the lookout for these seven common Florida road hazards whenever you’re in the driver’s seat:

  • Bad road and intersection design.Narrow lanes, sharp corners, and other factors associated with poorly designed roadways contribute to many motor vehicle accidents, especially when drivers are not paying close attention.
  • Poor signage.On some of the state’s back roads that wind and curve unexpectedly, signage is not always available to guide you. Instead, you must be highly vigilant as you drive along these underdeveloped areas.
  • Shoulder drop-offs.This term typically conjures up mental images of sharp, high drop-offs, but even drop-offs that are less than a foot deep can cause a driver to panic and swerve, resulting in a crash.
  • Objects in the road.Severe weather can lead to downed power lines or fallen trees and tree limbs. If you are driving in stormy weather, be on the lookout for such objects.
  • Potholes.Deep holes in the asphalt can catch a driver off guard. It’s not unusual for a driver to swerve to avoid hitting a pothole and wind up causing a crash.
  • Slippery roads.Florida gets a considerable amount of rain each year, and when heavy downfalls occur, roads quickly become slippery. When driving in rainy weather, be aware of how much water is on the road and never use cruise control.
  • Men at work.In construction areas, speed limits are reduced to protect workers’ safety. Still, many drivers speed through these areas, crashing into cones and other obstacles.

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