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7 Things You Should Know about Insurance Companies & Claims

If you file an insurance company claim, knowing the claims process and how these companies work is important. This can help better prepare you and possibly even protect your claim. Of course, an Orlando Auto Accident Attorney like myself can help Florida drivers throughout the claims process.

What to Know About Insurance Companies & Claims

1. Insurance companies are businesses. One of the first things to know about insurance companies is that although you are a client and have spent money to purchase a policy, the bottom line is that they are looking out for their own interests.

This is especially true if you are dealing with the insurance company of another driver who is responsible for an accident. Their goal is ultimately to do whatever they can to shift blame onto you instead of their policyholder or to lower claim value.

2. Insurance companies may use tricks and tactics to diminish or even destroy a claim. Some of the ways they do this is by asking a claimant to provide a written or verbal statement regarding the accident. The problem with this is that it can backfire on you. Words can be twisted, misinterpreted, or questions from an insurance adjuster can trip up the claimant.

In some cases, the insurance company handling the claim might ask for a medical release form to be signed. This allows them access to your medical records which again, could end up being used against you.

3. Insurance companies may conveniently lose paperwork or request duplicates. Another important thing to know about insurance companies is that some may use stall tactics to frustrate or confuse claimants. Stalling the claims process is one way to get people frustrated so they give up pursuing a claim or settle for less than they deserve.

4. Beware of initial insurance company claim settlement offers. The initial settlement offer is typically much less than what is deserved. They start with a low offer in hopes that you will give in without negotiating or putting forth a little fight.

5. Insurance companies may misinterpret the policy’s language or terms. Unless you are an insurance expert or an Orlando accident attorney who handles Florida claims regularly, this might be hard to catch. It’s important to carefully review the policy or have an unbiased expert do so, such as an Orlando accident attorney familiar with the Florida claims process.

6. Know that insurance companies may try to downplay the severity and extent of your injuries.It’s important to protect yourself by keeping accurate, detailed medical records. This should include copies of x-rays, prescription medications, notations from the doctor indicating diagnosis, and anything else of relevance. You should also keep track of doctor/hospital expenses, missed income, and other costs related to the accident.

7. You have a right to legal representation.When dealing with insurance companies, claims can be tricky and complex. An Orlando accident attorney who is familiar with Florida insurance claims, such as myself, can be a great benefit when pursuing compensation after an accident

Seeking Legal Counsel with an Experienced Attorney

In Florida, minor fender benders that don’t cause injury or even collisions with mild injuries may not require legal representation. However, you may benefit from seeking legal advice to go over what you should know about insurance companies and the claims process if injuries are serious, disabling or life-threatening.

To set up a consultation with an Orlando accident attorney, Florida drivers can contact Michael T. Gibson at 855-942-8639. I am focused on helping victims with accident cases and can help throughout the insurance company claims process.

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