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Common Questions About Safety on Super Bowl Sunday

On this page you will find the answers to some of the most common questions about safety on Super Bowl Sunday. If you have additional questions please call us anytime at 407-422-4529. For more legal information about events and holidays check out our personal injury attorneys legal resources for holiday safety.

Can I be held liable if someone leaves my party intoxicated and is involved in a car accident?

Laws regarding your own liability vary by state. Florida’s law is more lenient than most. However, the statute says that if you are serving alcohol to minors and they get hurt, injure others or damage property, you can be held liable. This law also applies if you serve alcohol to ‘habitual drinkers.’ Habitual alcohol use is when an individual drinks out of habit, and not solely for enjoyment.

What do I do if I cannot find a designated driver to get home after the Super Bowl?

Whatever you do, do not drive if you are intoxicated or “buzzed.” Buzzed driving is drunk driving. You have options. The first thing to do is contact a local cab company or Uber. You can also contact the company called BeMyDD. They offer their services in Orlando and many other cities around the country.

What are some of the most common causes of auto accidents on Super Bowl Sunday?

What is the most dangerous time to be on the road on Super Bowl Sunday?

The hours immediately following the game is typically the most dangerous time to be on the road.

What steps can I take to stay safe while celebrating Super Bowl Sunday?

  • Make sure you designate a sober driver or have another form of reliable transportation if you plan on consuming alcohol.
  • If you plan on consuming alcohol, make sure you eat plenty in the day.
  • Pace yourself and do not drink too much too quickly.
  • Wear your seat belt any time you are in your vehicle. Remember how many other drivers might be distracted or intoxicated.
  • Before you leave your house, write down the numbers for your local cab companies.

What are some safety tips to remember if hosting a party this Super Bowl Sunday?

  • Plan party games. There are many safe and fun games you can play during the Super Bowl to keep your guests from consuming too much alcohol. For example, you can split up the fans of each team. Every time the opposing team makes a touchdown or scores a field goal, have them do 10 push-ups. This will keep your party full of energy and keep the focus away from alcohol.
  • Serve high-protein snacks. Foods that are higher in protein will absorb some of the alcohol your guests may consume. Also make sure you have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages available.
  • Be sure all of your guests have a designated driver. At the beginning of the night, make sure everyone has a designated driver. If they do not, help them arrange a ride with a sober driver.
  • Stop serving alcohol at the beginning of the third quarter. You can offer coffee and desserts at this time, allowing your guests time to sober up.
  • If guests plan to drive and begin drinking, take their keys. Remember that you can be held responsible if someone you served at your home ends up in an accident due to drunk driving.

What do I do if I am involved in a car accident the night of the Super Bowl?

If you or someone you love is involved in an automobile accident on Super Bowl Sunday, you should speak with an experienced Orlando Auto Accident Lawyer immediately. At the Law Firm of Michael T. Gibson we offer complimentary case evaluations and are here for you 24/7. Our experienced team of accident attorneys can help you obtain the much needed compensation for your medical bills, future medical treatment, property damage, loss of wages, pain and suffering, etc.

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