Black Friday Safety Tips for Businesses from the Law Firm of Michael T. Gibson, P.A.

A packed store can be great for business, but it also provides prime conditions for accidents and theft to occur that can spoil the holiday cheer. As a trusted legal source for retailers and small businesses, we have come up with a list of safety tips for business owners when opening their doors this Black Friday.

Plan for Success. Consider collaborating with local law enforcement for ideas about security. Unlike giant retailers, small businesses do not have a bottomless pit of inventory. Small businesses should be reminded just how important it is to protect their inventory and supplies from burglaries during the holiday season. Make sure your store’s security system is operating properly.

Manage crowds with care. Plan for and implement adequate crowd-control to properly manage the increased number of shoppers.

Maintain vigilance. Remember to be vigilant in understanding the crowds and their temperament. Address conflicts early and do not hesitate to contact your local police department if an argument begins to escalate.

Be aware of overworked employees. During the holiday season, it is easy for employees to become overworked. Be aware of the injuries your employees may face. The most costly workplace injuries are those that are not anticipated. Employee injuries like slips, trips and falls can occur when there is unnecessary clutter in the store. Repetitive motion injuries can occur as a result of employees’ constantly having to restock shelves and clean up behind shoppers.

Prevent store entrance chaos. Consider developing “time specific entrance passes” designed to allow shoppers to enter your store at a specific time. This can help ensure an organized and safe entry into your business.

Be aware of “intense” shoppers. Customers are a business’ lifeblood. However, be aware that some customers take the Black Friday shopping experience to another level. Black Friday sales have triggered trampling deaths, serious fights and property damage. If a customer in your store is injured, you and your business could end up in a serious lawsuit.

Consider product placement. Instead of stacking store items high upon shelves, consider handing out vouchers. This will help mitigate in-store accidents, crowding on shelves and shopper aggression.

Keep a clean store. Large crowds will create an even larger mess for retailers. Store merchandise and spilled liquids left on the floor can create a safety hazard for shoppers and a liability for businesses. Monitor your store throughout the day and make sure clean up is a top priority.

Prepare your parking. Make sure your parking lot / area is equipped with adequate lighting and security. Consider having a store worker escort shoppers to their vehicles.

Plan Ahead For A Busy Black Friday

With all of the excitement surrounding the holiday season, it’s easy for accidents to occur, which can expose you and your business to unexpected expenses. At the law firm of Michael T. Gibson, we are here to help and are dedicated to serving business owners throughout Central Florida in all types of insurance dispute claims. At the Law Firm of Michael T. Gibson, our team of Board Certified Civil Trial Attorneys has more than 20 years of legal experience helping business owners obtain fair and adequate compensation for their losses and holding the insurance companies accountable.

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