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Orlando Auto Accident Attorney Michael T. Gibson has a Client Communication Guarantee

I know first-hand that hiring a lawyer is the last thing you ever wanted to have to do. However, I want to assure you that you have made a wise decision and investment in your piece of mind and recovery.

Right now, you have plenty of stress in your life, and a number of things to deal with. The last thing you should have to worry about is whether or not your law firm is going to return your phone call or address your questions. Furthermore, when you hire my law firm, you are hiring me. Just because you do not speak with me every time you call or come in, does not mean that I am not intimately involved in every aspect of your case. In fact, I am personally involved in each and every personal injury and auto accident file that comes into my law firm. In order to have that level of involvement, it is highly important that my days and hours are structured, in order to give each case the proper amount of my full attention and dedication.

At the same time, you, as a client at my firm, deserve prompt answers to your questions and concerns about your case, and I want you to absolutely have the same. Thus, in order to balance out the need to structure my time and your need for prompt answers and communication, I have developed a system that I call the ‘Michael T. Gibson, P.A., Client-Firm Communication Policy and Guarantee.’ Here is how it works.

Each client has a case manager that is assigned to be the primary person you will reach when you call into my firm. Usually, you will have 1 to 3 case managers through out your case, depending on the length of the case. You will have one case manager for the portion of your case where you are in medical treatment; one when your case is in demand and negotiations are ongoing with the insurance company; and, if your case does not settle, a litigation paralegal when a lawsuit is filed. OUR POLICY IS THAT A CASE MANAGER HAS 24 HOURS TO RETURN YOUR CALL FROM THE TIME A MESSAGE IS RECEIVED.If your matter is urgent, please tell the receptionist the same. Under this system, there is no guessing and there is no wondering – You know that you should always have a call back within 24-48 hours from leaving a message at my firm.

Furthermore, you are 100% always welcome to schedule a telephone or office conference with me, personally. My conferences are scheduled a week in advance. Again, this is done to allow me that proper amount of time to prepare for that conference, so that I may give you the best advice and information about your case possible, and fully answer any and all questions you have. Please tell your case manager, when you speak with them, that you would like to speak with me, and they will schedule for the same.

So there it is – as a client of our firm, you have a guarantee from me that in dealing with my firm you will always: (1) Receive a prompt return phone call, and (2) have access to your attorney. This system doesn’t exist at every law firm, and frankly, we employ extra folks to make it work. I am happy to do the same, because I want you to have a good experience at this firm, regardless of the outcome of your case. All I ever ask in return for this guarantee is that you honor my scheduling instructions above. Again, this routine has allowed me to successfully help thousands of accident victims, and recover millions of dollars on their behalf. I want the very best results for each and every client and this system of communication allows me to best attempt to get you the same.

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If you like and appreciate our Client Communication System and Guarantee, as well as the rest of what we do, and how we do it, all I ever ask is that you please tell someone about us. We are a family-based company, who built our practice through the referrals of happy clients and physicians who trusted us. We consider our clients an extension of our family and that is why we hope you will look to us for many years after your case and stay in touch. There are a lot of law firms, but we have worked really hard to make our firm unique, and to make our clients feel at home. Thank you! MTG.

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