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Common Internal Injuries After an Orlando Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle crashes in Orlando lead to some of the most severe injuries. Without the protection of more than a jacket and riding gear, bikers leave their bodies exposed to the possibility of serious harm. Even when a helmet is worn by a rider, the potential for trauma to the internal organs is still substantial.

Here are three of the most common internal injuries caused by an Orlando motorcycle accident:

  1. Liver –Your liver is a relatively durable organ. But when delivered a significant blow, the strength of your liver is tested and may be torn. Located on the right side of your body just below your chest region, your liver is put at risk of a tear when you are thrown from your bike.
  2. Pancreas –Damage to your spinal cord is a common injury in a motorcycle accident. Located between your spinal cord and intestines is your pancreas. When your spinal cord is damaged, it can cause this organ to also be impacted in a crash. Any severe impact to the belly or lower back can leave your pancreas in bad condition.
  3. Spleen –The most common internal injury caused by a motorcycle accident in Orlando is to the spleen. The spleen, located on the left side of the body under the ribs and above your stomach, can rupture after trauma to the abdomen or lower part of the trunk area. This often times leads to internal bleeding which many motorcyclists are not immediately aware of.

Knowledge Equals Power in Orlando Motorcycle Accident Cases

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