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Dealing with an Insurance Adjuster: 10 Tips

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Knowing how to deal with an insurance adjuster is an important part of the insurance claims process. When you’ve been involved in a car accident, your first phone call after alerting the police or requesting medical attention is probably going to be to your insurance company.

Some car insurance companies advertise instant claim resolutions via phone apps or rapid response adjusters. Don’t let yourself be short-changed by these gimmicks. They may offer you an on-site or instant settlement, but that’s not going to be enough to cover your damages.

Dealing with insurance adjusters for the first time can be a frustrating and scary process, which is why I became a personal injury attorney in Orlando, FL – to help victims like you deal with insurance adjusters and settle insurance claims when the insurance companies try to offer an unfair settlement.

10 Tips to Prepare You for Dealing with Insurance Adjusters

Don’t admit fault.Florida’s no-fault laws require that each involved driver’s insurance company pays for injury costs through personal injury protection (PIP) coverage up to $10,000. If your medical bills are more than this, you’ll need to seek compensation from the other party’s insurance, and admitting fault could prevent you from getting additional settlement money.

Don’t say more than necessary.Answer all the adjuster’s questions simply, truthfully, and factually. Don’t speculate, guess, offer opinion, or exaggerate any information as this can lead to false or embellished claims.

Don’t get too friendly.While the adjusters may seem sympathetic, remember that their job is to protect their company’s bottom line. Getting too familiar with the adjuster could lead you to saying something potentially harmful to your claim settlement.

Keep records of communication.Keep a log of when you have phone calls with the insurance company and with whom you spoke. If there’s any challenges to your claim information you can refer back to your records to review the discussions.

Read the medical record release before signing.Insurance companies may request you release your medical records. In some cases, this may grant access to your entire medical history, meaning they can find old injuries and try to relate new injuries to old injuries. Ask a personal injury attorney in Orlando, FL like myself before signing a release.

Let an attorney read your settlement offer before signing the agreement.Signing a settlement agreement is usually the end of your ability to seek compensation. By signing, you waive your right to bring up any future legal action. This means you won’t be able to seek compensation for any unexpected future expenses from your accident.

Don’t be forced into giving a recorded statement.When dealing with insurance adjusters, you have the right to talk to an attorney first before giving the insurance company anything. Adjusters may tell you that you can’t file your insurance claim until you give an official statement, but you can always tell them that you want to get an attorney first before going “on the record.”

Choose your own doctor.Insurance companies will try to tell you that you have to see an insurance-approved doctor. In most cases you can see your own doctor, but if they demand you see their doctors, talk to your attorney first for advice on why this is happening and if you have other options.

Watch out for surveillance.As soon as a claim is filed, the insurance company will be looking for evidence that your accident was staged or your injuries aren’t as bad as you claim. Beware anyone you don’t know who suddenly tries to interact with you on social networking sites and think before you post. Don’t say/show anything related to your accident or injuries that may misrepresent the seriousness of your claim.

Let your attorney handle the case.Attorneys like myself can help deal with the insurance adjusters. Let us remove some of the burden from your shoulders and protect you from unfair settlements

Let an Insurance Dispute Attorney in Orlando, FL Help Protect Your Rights

As a committed personal injury attorney in Orlando, I’m here to seek justice for accident victims pursuing an insurance claim. That’s why I offer free consultations to any Orlando driver, pedestrian, motorcyclist or other victim involved in an accident. My law firm can represent you and help you deal with insurance adjusters to negotiate a fair settlement. Call today: 407-422-4529.

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